study programs (post graduate)

  • The Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University yearns to be regionally and internationally recognized entity in the field of medical education, scientific research and community development in compliance with professional ethics to satisfy the current and future community needs of competent physicians and outstanding scientific research that contribute to progress of the nation.

  • The Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University is committed to graduate competent physicians for primary health care able to meet the community diverse health needs and implement the national policies for health reform, through provision of under graduate and postgraduate medical education programs according to the modern quality standards, performs the specialized scientific researches in the different medical fields and provides distinguished health services for the community

  • Aim of the course is to build the competencies of the toxicology student to display a sound knowledge of the key areas of Toxicology, possess skills in the selection, planning, performance and interpretation of a range of appropriate experimental techniques, analyze and interpret scientific information ,Engage in professional and academic communication with others in their specialist field and Contribute to the development of the subject through applied study or research.

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