Master and PHD

1 Risk Factors In Diabetic Macualr Oedema ماجستير Ahmed Samer Ahmd
2 ماجستير Ashraf Abdelsabor Abdulazim
3 ماجستير Ibtehag Helmy Hasan
4 The diagnostic importance of specific IgE and eosinophilia in the asymptomatic and clinical forms of toxocariasis ماجستير Ahmed Abdelmoamien Mohamed Gaad
5 ماجستير Osama Abo Elfotooh esmaiel
6 The disruption of the blood clotting process and its relationship to anesthesia ماجستير Amany Aldaydimony
7 A Health Education Intrvetion For Control Of Overwcicht And Obesity Among Students Of Secondary Schools In Zagazig City ماجستير Eman Alsehat Elsayed Oraby
8 Study of the microbes that cause chronic inflammation, pus middle ear with a focus on the fungal infection and risk factors that lead to it. ماجستير Enas Abdelzaher Tantawy
9 Infectious diseases and anaesthesia/ ماجستير Hossam Abdelbaky Mahmoud Ismaiel
10 Histological and histochemical studies on the effect of alloxan induced diabetes on the cardiac muscle of ماجستير Khaled Alsayed Hamed Elmesalamy
11 Alzelz prevalence of mood disorders and the accompanying rate in the internal section of schizophrenia, chronic psychoticAlzelz prevalence of mood disorders and the accompanying rate in the internal section of schizophrenia, chronic psychotic ماجستير Dalia Mokhtar Shokr Khalil
12 Vascular cannulation in relation to anaesthesia and intensive care / ماجستير Reham Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahiem Amer
13 EpidermALgrowth factor in human sweat glands immunohistochemical study ماجستير Sahar Farag Shabaan Soliman
14 ماجستير Abdelhalim Atef Reyad
15 Study Of Thrombus Precursor Protei(TPP) In Patien With Non-Insulin-Depe Diabetes Mellitus ماجستير Abeer Abdallah Fekry
16 ماجستير Afifi Fahmy Affifi Ahmed
17 Rapid identification of Staphylococcus bacteria resistant to methicillin of blood culture bottles using multi-enzyme polymerase chain reaction ماجستير Emad Abd-Elhamid Mohammed Morad
18 Article Alandoethelan - 1 in patients with dialysis. ماجستير Ghada Mohamed Samir Ahmed
19 ماجستير Lilly Abdel Moneim Mahmoud Ali
20 ماجستير Magdi Mostafa Kamel
21 Preventive ephedrine versus crystalline fluid as a download tribal during anesthesia under the arachnoid membrane and ماجستير Mohamed El Sayed Abdashavy
22 Percutaneous Drainage Of Intraabdominal Abscesses: Limitations, Failures And Outcome ماجستير Mohammad Reda Ahmed Abdullah
23 HBV "C" as a potential risk of developing diseases and blood tumors. ماجستير Mohammed Abdul Qader Abdullah Abdulazeez
24 ماجستير Mohamed Mohamed Tawfiq Mohammed Ghanem
25 The Role of Neutrophil cd64 Expression in Distinguishing Acute Inflammatory Autoimmune Disease from Systemic Infections / ماجستير Marwa Mohamed Samir Sayed Ahmed

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First in field (Scientific)


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