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Colleagues, colleagues and children Faculty members Assistants for faculty members College staff and students, faculty and staff Peace, mercy and blessings of God In this important period of the college history in light of the current circumstances in the country, I hope everyone can bear the legal, moral and ethical responsibilities towards our beloved "Egypt" and our university prestigious "Zagazig University," and that all join together in order to maintain the overall message of ensuring the quality of education and teaching Medical and scientific research, hard work, which deals with environmental problems in order to graduate competent doctors and provide an upscale medical care to our patients and keep abreast of scientific progress and medical consistent global standards and to be clubbed and our work away from any party affiliation or political Aoakaúdah affiliation just love the country and abide by the law and university traditions. May God help us to work hard and Savior for our university and repeated his precious ancient ... "Long live Egypt"
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